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What you Want To Know

-Reflective has innovated from Flat to 3D

-One of the most crucial components in Reflective are glass beads that will determine the Candle power / reflectivity

-Optional to be in 3D or flat

-Latest innovation on Silicone

Glitter can be added

Watermark can be added

Hologram can be added

What you Need To Know

-Performance of the Candle power / reflectivity is also greatly     influence by the based colour.

-Silver colour is the best colour composition for strongest Candle power / reflectivity

Data Sheet – Reflective
Product Description
Minimum width 1mm
Maximum width 297mm
Minimum print size 1mm
Maximum print size 210 x 297mm
Color option Unlimited / Dye to match
Wash Durabilility ISO 1630 / ISO 105D01
Maximum wash temperature 40 degree Celsius
Maximum wash cycle 30 cycles
Maximum tumble dry temperature 40 degree Celsius
Maximum tumble dry cycle 30 cycles
Dry cleaning No
Ironing No
Cotton Yes
Nylon Yes
Polyester Yes
Leather Yes
PU Yes
Oeko-Tex Yes