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Labels & Packaging

Target your consumer with the right mood, color and style by incorporating:
.Graphic tickets
.Pocket flashers
.Size strips
.Variable data imprinted tags
.Woven labels
.Printed fabric care labels
.Custom labels

Fasteners and Accessories

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Swiftach® Fasteners – Natural and Colored Complement your price tickets and graphic tags with the largest selection of Swiftach fastener colors, sizes and application methods, allowing for increased flexibility and brand enhancement. Our largest category of tools and fasteners for garment tagging. Quickly and securely attaches brand message, price, size and/or bar code information. Swiftach® fasteners have a larger paddle than many competitive fasteners, providing extra security in-store. Available in …Read More

Security Labels

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Our custom-tailored security solutions include: Overt security technologies Covert security technologies RFID

Anti-Counterfeit Labels

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Protect your company’s most valuable asset: its brand. Our custom-tailored anti-counterfeit label solutions include: Overt security technologies Covert security technologies Global Track & Trace™ RFID

Care and Content Labels

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Complex variable data including international sizing, multilingual care instructions and product codes is managed through our global Compliance Solutions for optimum consistency and integrity. Printed Fabric Labels Communicate important information to the consumer  Meet legal requirements,ensuring product access to selling markets  Extensive range of materials available to meet aesthetic and performance needs Meet regulatory and RSL standards such as OekoTex Innovative designs, new label constructions Footwear labels Contractor ID/tracking labels …Read More

Primary Labels

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Primary labels are used for brand identification or product decoration. Woven primary labels are an excellent way to emphasize quality and elevate brand.

Price Tickets and Marking

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Avery Dennison produces many varieties of price tickets and labels in a wide range of materials for most applications and budgets. The following are available in a wealth of creative and ecologically relevant global paper stocks to help you achieve global consistency in brand identification all the way from source to store: Barcode tags that comply with industry standards Price tickets including multi-price/multi-currency solutions Point-of-sale stickers Integrated tags with graphics …Read More

Hangtags and Specialty Graphics

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Avery Dennison brings together diverse and unique brand identification solutions to challenge your thinking and inspire creativity. They are the result of our commitment to help our customers develop viable and distinctive global brands. Our Hangtags and Specialty Graphics are unique paper products that build and protect brand in the global marketplace. They include: Graphic tags Joker tags Pocket flashers Integrated tags and labels Sock bands Pressure-sensitive size labels ——————————————————————————————————————————————– …Read More