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Care and Content Labels

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Complex variable data including international sizing, multilingual care instructions and product codes is managed through our global Compliance Solutions for optimum consistency and integrity.

Care labelsPrinted Fabric Labels

  • Communicate important information to the consumer
  •  Meet legal requirements,ensuring product access to selling markets
  •  Extensive range of materials available to meet aesthetic and performance needs
  • Meet regulatory and RSL standards such as OekoTex
  • Innovative designs, new label constructions
  • Footwear labels
  • Contractor ID/tracking labels

Legal Compliance Guide

Navigate the complex legal requirements of new markets with our guides and support tools.

In-Plant Printing

In-plant printing solutions allow you to print price tickets, stickers and care labels as needed.    Responsiveness is maximized and costs are reduced.

Web services and data management

User-friendly online ordering and web-based data management systems maintain efficiency and ensure accuracy. Learn more about web services and data management. ——————————————————————————————————————————————–

Heat TransfersHeat Transfers

Heat Transfers provide imagery and text fused to fabric for permanent appeal. On the inside of a garment, they are a novel way to provide touch-soft, tag-free labeling with comfort consumers will appreciate.


Avery Dennison® SNAP™Avery Dennison® SNAP 700 Printer/Encoder

The SNAP 700 Multi-Media Printer gives you the flexibility you need to respond to the demands of the global apparel market.




Avery Dennison® SNAP™

Avery Dennison® SNAP 500 Care Label Printer

The SNAP 500 enables you to produce care and content labels in your manufacturing facility, allowing you to respond quickly to your customers’ requirements.


Avery Dennison® 611 Care Label Printer

Avery Dennison® 611 Care Label Printer

The Avery Dennison 611 brings a level of simplicity and affordability to in-plant care label printing. The 611 prints one-sided care labels, and is designed for smaller manufacturers or low volume requirements.


Label Tapes

Label Tapes

  • Sustainable tape
  • Single and double-sided woven edge tapes
  • Natural, white and dyed-to-match
  • Slit edge tape
  • Coated tape
  • Heat seal tape
  • Non-woven tape
  • Acetate tape
  • Urethane tape