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Hangtags and Specialty Graphics

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Avery Dennison brings together diverse and unique brand identification solutions to challenge your thinking and inspire creativity. They are the result of our commitment to help our customers develop viable and distinctive global brands.
Our Hangtags and Specialty Graphics are unique paper products that build and protect brand in the global marketplace.

They include:

  • Graphic tags
  • Joker tags
  • Pocket flashers
  • Integrated tags and labels
  • Sock bands
  • Pressure-sensitive size labels


Graphic Tickets, Tags and LabelsGraphic Tickets, Tags and Labels

Differentiate with eye-catching and unique solutions for point of sale branding.

  • Graphic paper tickets
  • Printed fabric labels
  • Pocket flashers and joker tags


Alternative SubstratesAlternative Substrates
OWe believe that sustainability is integral to business. We seek out alternative solutions that optimize the use of natural resources and reduce waste. Along with our standard offering of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) papers and recycled PCW (Post Consumer Waste) paper substrates, we also offer:

Water-soluble paper – dissolves in water to form a non- toxic, harmless liquid, reducing packaging waste. Stone paper – requires no water in manufacture, thereby eliminating water pollutants. Most importantly in producing

Stone paper, the harvesting of trees is unnecessary.

Tear- and moisture-resistant paper – the look and feel of paper, this substrate provides excellent fold endurance with long-lasting performance. It cannot be recycled but is oxo-degradable in the natural environment.

Biolaminate – finishing technique for tickets and labels that offers a high gloss and resistance to scuffing and scratches. It is a unique, sustainable film which can be co-recycled with paper. The primary raw material is cellulose, a naturally renewable polymer made from wood or cotton pulp



Ticket ExpressTicket Express
Our global service bureau, Ticket Express®, operates in more than 35 international production locations and provides you with variably imprinted tags and labels, including RFID encode and print, when and where you need them.
Data accuracy is ensured through:


  • Centrally controlled program development and material specification
  • Pre-aunch program testing at each global ticket center
  • Centrally controlled purchase order information

Localized production associated with Ticket Express can significantly reduce lead times, eliminate customs and duties and dramatically reduce freight costs.


Tactile EffectsTactile Effects

To create eye-catching and intriguing point of sale solutions for your brand, Avery Dennison offers innovative tactile and textured effects with a range of coatings that can be applied to standard coated paper board. The coating is applied as part of the printing process and offers a more cost-effective solution to pretreated specialty papers. Our coatings include:

  • Soft-touch coating
  • Sandpaper coating
  • Patterned gloss coating


Micro EmbossingMicro Embossing
Micro Embossing is a finishing technique that adds texture to create a unique cost effective product. It is ideal for use on coated or smooth uncoated paper stock to hold the subtlety of the design.




ElektroInk® WhiteElektroInk® White

The solution enables the digital printing of white ink, white outstanding quality and brightness. It allows graphics and variable data to be printed on both sides in a single print pass.





MOONDREAM® is a premium paper stock for multi-level translucent embossing which suits intricate design. The translucent effect created through heat and pressure elevates the design and enhances the visual impact.



Wood VeneerWood Veneer

Wood Veneer is a natural stock made from genuine wood. The very thin slices of wood can be digitally printed as easily as paper to create an unique natural or vintage look. Wood veneer is available in birch and cherry.



Scodix SENSE™Scodix SENSE™

Scodix SENSE™ is a new technology that touches the senses while creating a 3D texture and tactile effect and additionally delivers sustainable differentiation.




Static ClingStatic Cling

This unique material sticks to just about anything without adhesive. It is statically charged and will adhere to multiple surfaces including drywall, brick, wood, metal, glass without any adhesives, or leaving any residue.



Price TicketsPrice Tickets

Avery Dennison produces many varieties of price tickets and labels in a wide range of materials for most applications and budgets.